About Israel Phone Book

Israel Phone Book (IsraelPB.com) is a free service provided and owned in its entirety by SearchSolutions LLC. Our mission is to assist people around the globe in locating relatives of theirs who reside in Israel.

Over the sixty-two years since the establishment of the State of Israel, much effort has been expended by the community-at-large in attempt to re-unite long-lost relatives and friends. Some may have been separated by war, others simply by circumstances of day-to-day life. From notices in newspapers to announcements on the radio, people young and old have searched for each other over periods of years. Fortunately, many success stories have culminated in an emotional reunion after having been separated for generations.

Until now, one's search had been hindered by the language barrier — since, naturally, all registries in Israel, including phone records, are maintained in Hebrew. This made it difficult for people outside of Israel, not knowing the language, to search efficiently.

Israel Phone Book has broken down this language barrier.

Our team has worked effortlessly, carefully translating tens of thousands of names from Hebrew to English in order to provide the greatest opportunity for you to locate your long-lost friends and relatives.

We display each individual's name, phone number, address and city.

Israel Phone Book wishes you the best success in the search for your loved ones.