How To Find a Phone Number in Israel

If you are interested in finding a phone number in Israel, you've come to the right place. Israel Phone Book includes all of Israel's land and mobile phone numbers, and allows you to search for them in English!

As opposed to other telephone directories in print and online, holds many variations of spelling for first and last names. This maximizes your chances of finding the phone number you're looking for - with minimal effort.

Subsequent Result Pages

Each result page displays at most 20 results. In order to view the second page of results, and so on, click the "Next" button to the right of screen.

Display Phone Number

To the right of each name, notice a link entitled "Display Phone Number". When clicking on it, the phone number of the person will appear in its place.

City Phone Books

When clicking on the name of a city appearing in a search result, you'll be taken to the phone book of that particular town.

This includes the name cloud of the city: A list of the most common names of people living in the city - with the most common ones appearing larger than the rest. A map of Israel is also displayed, which indicates the location of the city within the country.